There's no two ways about it: indoor car storage is the superior option. It provides protection against the elements, more enhanced protection against thieves, and will help ensure a vehicle's finish remains in pristine condition for longer when compared to outdoor storage solutions. However, just taking a car inside isn't enough to say it's protected. Indoor car covers are still widely used and recommended. Here's our tips for finding the best value indoor car cover option for your vehicle:


One of the first things drivers should determine is just how they plan on using their car cover. For regular use vehicles, drivers will want a more lightweight indoor car cover option that makes it simple to remove and replace when needed. This will provide effortless use while still allowing drivers to have a heightened degree of protection against the elements when storing a vehicle indoors. However, they're not the ultimate solution. Heavier indoor car covers will help prevent bumps and scratches associated with indoor storage in small spaces. However, it is at the cost of simplicity. As a general rule, heavier covers are more geared towards extended storage. Lighter covers are more suited for regular use vehicles.

Dust Protection

While outdoor car covers should have some element of dust protection, this is even more important for indoor covers that are routinely exposed to dusty environments. When dust settles on automotive paint, it can act as an abrasive and can lead to fine scratches in the vehicle's bodywork. This is why looking for dust protection ratings in a premium indoor car cover is essential for drivers looking to store their vehicles over a longer period. Similarly, other dust control measures should be in place and installing dust alarms could mean the difference between a vehicle that's covered in fine lines and one that remains in mint condition.

Soft Finishes

Almost all indoor covers will have non-abrasive layers on the inside to help prevent scratches and to make it easier to slide the cover on and off. More basic solutions won't feature this lining and it could lead to damage when it is being used regularly. Premium indoor covers will be marked by their ultra-soft linings on the inside and may even include various microfiber patches to help repel dirt and dust away from the surface as drivers put the cover onto the vehicle's body.