When it comes to choosing an outdoor car cover, there are certain considerations to make that don't exist for more basic or indoor car covers. Besides being made of a thicker grade material, drivers need to be aware of the changing conditions that they're storing their car in. Indoor coverage is always the superior option, but isn't always an option for some owners. Therefore, let's take a look at some of the key features that an outdoor cover should have:


Premium-grade car covers are all advertised as waterproof covers for the most part, but while outdoor car covers should have good levels of water resistance, the idea of complete waterproofing should be avoided since it will greatly impede the vehicle's ability to breathe underneath the cover. Air circulation is one of the leading problems when it comes to car cover use, so allowing circulation to some level will ensure the car's interior is at a comfortable temperature when it comes time to drive it. At higher grades, premium car covers tend to be made of multiple layers. These offer both breathable and water displacing properties that aren't commonly found in lower grade covers, which hold moisture and subsequently damage vehicle finishes.

UV Protection

Shielding a car against UV light when it's not in use will help protect against various mechanical and cosmetic issues. Rubber is particularly affected by UV rays, which can lead to earlier tire wear or various seals drying and cracking during extended storage. Overexposure to the sun's harmful rays can also dull darker paint colors and slightly discolor whites and silvers. Premium car covers will provide higher grades of UV protection, which is essential for summertime storage in direct sunlight. Owners can further enhance their UV protection by providing natural shelters for a vehicle where possible, such as within shady spots underneath trees or within a garage or carport.

Cable Locks

One problem that basic car cover users often report is scratching due to movement in the wind. This is especially common when storing a car outdoors, as sudden gusts of wind can cause the paintwork to become chaffed underneath the cover. To help reduce these occurrences, higher grade premium car covers have elasticated hems that can be stretched around the vehicle's base. When combined with cable locking systems, these will hold the cover securely in place and help reduce and even eliminated wind-related damages.