There are several different types of car cover on the market today. While some of the more advanced covers will market themselves as weatherproof, not all will actually stand up to the test of inclement weather, storms, and other downpours. Fortunately, the answer lies within the design rather than the cover itself. So, how can drivers go about finding a good weatherproof car cover for their vehicles?

Material Thickness

When choosing a storage solution, especially for extended storage using a car cover, the thickness of that cover will determine just how effective it is. There are drivers who will want truly lightweight cover options for their vehicle, but these are only truly recommended for those who plan on using that car on a regular basis. For a more semi-permanent storage solution, a heavyweight car cover is what's in order. These will typically be constructed in layers to provide its weatherproofing. What's more is that while the vehicle will remain dry and unaffected by the conditions, it will also be more resistant to scratches and other abrasion thanks to the ultra-soft linings that typically accompany higher grade covers. They're also likely to be breathable despite their massive size and weight, which will help keep humidity and condensation to a minimum.

Dry Materials

Extended storage times will undoubtedly encounter wet situations. Whether it is the rain or snow outdoors or a leaky internal garage, a premium car cover must be able to withstand moisture over time. While all car covers will do their bit to repel moisture away from the body, some natural materials can act as a sponge and absorb any damp or condensation, which holds it against the vehicle's body and can damage its finish. Man-made materials are the better choice for weatherproof car covers as they will be more resistant to moisture in all of its forms. This not only makes it a weatherproof option, but also a near-waterproof option.


Softness is another key feature of a weatherproof car cover. More basic ones will tend to be quite coarse, but a truly premium weatherproof car cover will be made of a very soft lining. This helps to wick away dust, debris, and other abrasive materials that could cause damage to a car's finish when putting on or taking off a car cover. A soft interior microfiber lining could mean the difference between dings or scratches and a damage-free finish.