The summertime is all about showing off your ride and keeping it in tip-top condition should be an owner's number one priority. Choosing a car cover is one of the best ways to ensure a vehicle remains in excellent condition, but there are specifics that users need to consider before choosing a summer car cover. After all, there is no use installing one that's more appropriate for the winter and risking any damage to your vehicle. Let's take a look at what constitutes a good summertime car cover.

Material Weight

When a car is going into semi-permanent storage, such as throughout the entirety of the winter season, then it is always best to ensure the material is made from heavyweight man-made fibres. Not only will this provide the abrasion-free finish that car cover users desire, but it will also ensure that the bitter conditions aren't able to affect the finish of the car. Lighter car covers are known to chafe when exposed to colder temperatures, so choosing a heavier car cover will help prevent this altogether. Regardless of the choice, it is always important to ensure the car cover remains snug on the vehicle throughout the winter months. Car cover users should always periodically check on their vehicle to ensure the cover is fitting as it should and ruffle up any loose ends. When this is not an option, then securing the car cover using cable locks can also help ensure the fit remains true throughout the winter months.


The winter months are notoriously wet in many locations, which is exactly why car cover users will want to ensure their cover is waterproof. This will help displace water and ensure it doesn't pool on the vehicle during the season, which can solidify and turn to ice. Ice can be very damaging to a vehicle's finish and may even cause problems for internal components in the engine. Fortunately, the greater majority of cold season car covers are entirely waterproof and owners can rest assured that the wet conditions won't be problematic for their vehicle when spring comes.


Many car covers come with “winterized” features that make enduring the colder months easier. While it's not necessary to choose a car cover that bears winterized logos and decals, they do offer a heightened seasonal protection when compared to other heavyweight car covers and are well-worth considering if car owners are seeking the best possible protection during the winter.